What are Box and Cage Trailers? An Introduction

If you’ve already taken a look around our site, you will know that Muscle Trailers specializes in a wide variety of trailer fixtures and fittings. But what exactly are box trailers? Are they different from cage trailers in any way? Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start!

Box trailers and cage trailers are some of the most popular attachments drivers across Australia buy. More often than not, they can perform the same job! While you can purchase some trailers which are simply platforms with wheels, others have large walls.

Plenty of people chooses these trailers for a variety of purposes. But what are some of the main things you need to know and bear in mind before you buy a box trailer or a cage trailer of your own? Let’s take a look.

What is a Cage Trailer?

A cage trailer fits the back of most vehicles and offers the driver a portable enclosure. They are very popular with people who need to secure heavy loads for transport across wide distances. While flatbed trailers can do a lot in terms of transportation support, a box or cage trailer might give you more security.

Cage trailers come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, you can choose to customize a cage trailer to a specific size as you wish. Some are long and thin for tools and automobile parts, while others are deep and wide.

You will likely have seen one or two cage trailers on the road at some point. Many local businesses use trailers of this kind to move heavy waste around to landfill sites, as well as to move sensitive goods.

What is a Box Trailer?

A box trailer is very similar to a cage model. However, one key difference lies in security. While cages will obviously be open to the elements and weather, a box trailer can offer a little more enclosure.

A cage trailer can come with a lid or roof; however, a box trailer offers solid enclosure on all sides. That may be suitable for transporting sensitive goods likely to suffer in wet weather. What’s more, some people prefer box trailers for the extra security. If you need to move expensive cargo around, you may wish to choose a box system over a cage.

Why Use a Cage Trailer or a Box Trailer?

There are plenty of great reasons to invest in a cage trailer.  For example, you might run a business where you need to transport garden waste or cuttings.  You may also need to move animals from one place to another and may need locking security.  Box trailers, too, are desirable as they keep everything closed in.

Rather than having to tie everything down to a flatbed, a cage or box is ready to go when you are. Therefore, instead of having to manually secure large items, you simply need to lock them into your cage or box.

That could apply to all manner of items. The fact is, a trailer is going to be moving around on the road a lot. No matter how securely you connect a flatbed trailer to your vehicle, you will still only have so much control! Therefore, a box or cage trailer option may feel a little sturdier, and make it easier to manage your load.

They Are Easy to Maintain

Unlike many other trailers, boxes and cages are very easy to look after.  Yes – you are going to need to check over brakes and wheels; however, these are safety checks you should always undertake.  You will need to make sure that your axles receive regular grease, too.

You can also swap and change various parts of your trailer as you wish, but it may be easier for you to set up a bespoke cage or box from the moment you buy!

They Are Often Well-Finished

The finish of a cage, in particular, is something you always need to check. Galvanised metal is going to weather well for years to come. Metal without a good coating is likely to rust and deteriorate very quickly. As a cage trailer is a significant investment, it makes sense that you should look for a system that’s fully galvanized.

Make sure to check out metal galvanization as soon as you can. Some trailer companies advise that their cages are fully coated, but this may not always be the case! You have our professional guarantee – but we understand your full right to take a look up close.

They Are Robust

Leading cage trailers and box trailers are strong and sturdy. Not only do they secure items in place, but they can also take a real beating! Do be careful when buying cage trailers though, as you may not know the full strength or robustness until you see it in person. Make sure, again, to take a close look at your trailer before you buy, to avoid any kind of disappointment.

If you need to make sure your cargo gets from A to B without any knocks or damage, a box trailer – or a cage trailer – will likely be a big help.

They Are Customisable

As mentioned, cage trailers and box trailers are amongst some of the most flexible and customizable around. You can set up a cage at a variable height. You can also fit ceilings, mud flaps and even choose how many axles you require. This will surely help when it comes to keeping control of the roads.

Customizing your own cage or box trailer is easy. In fact, it is a service we offer as standard. One of the drawbacks to buying other types of trailers is that you may have to do a lot of adapting. With a bespoke cage trailer or enclosed box, your trailer adapts to you!

Who Might Use a Cage Trailer or Box Trailer?

Of course, these types of trailers are amongst the most flexible, which means they are perfect for various purposes. However, it’s worth bearing in mind some of the most popular reasons for investing in such trailers in the first place. Who is most likely to buy a cage trailer, and are you likely to fit the bill?

Businesses Delivering Heavy-Duty Items

Local businesses that deliver furniture and housewares will benefit from a box trailer or even a cage trailer. For example, if a driver needs to deliver a washing machine, they can simply secure it within an enclosure and drive away. In many cases, using a cage or box is actually cheaper than hiring or buying a van. 

Businesses Dealing in Waste Removal

Any local firms dealing in bulk removal or delivery will likely find a cage trailer to be a great asset. It’s an excellent way to secure loose items and waste that may need collecting to take to a landfill. Box trailers, meanwhile, are great for firms who need to deliver compost and soil, for example.

Animal Transportation

There are many reasons why you may need to move animals from one place to another. For safety and to help keep animals calm, box trailers are a must, providing they have ventilation. You may already see specialist horseboxes on the road, for example. Cage trailers, meanwhile, are safe and secure in keeping animals stable on the road.

Machinery and Heavy Goods

In some cases, you may need to move large pieces of machinery from place to place. In the automotive trade, for example, drivers may need to attach large items to the backs of their vehicles so that they can transport them without having to use a van or lorry. A cage trailer will allow you to stand up heavy parts and machinery in good weather. You won’t need to tie anything down, either.

You can also use box trailers with walls on all sides; however, many people prefer the flexibility of having an open roof. Therefore, cages are immensely popular.

Which Trailer Type is Right for Me?

Trailers, as you can see, never come in one size, shape, or form. They are built for various purposes, commercial, residential, or otherwise. Therefore, it’s important to read up on a few guides and to ask for expert advice before buying.

Box and cage trailers are assets when it comes to moving sensitive cargo around. While flatbed trailers are easy to set up and get going with, there can be a lot of tying and securing involved. The four walls of a box trailer will keep everything closed in on route.

Cage trailers, meanwhile, offer even more flexibility. Open ceilings mean that there will be more space for bulky items to hang out of. However, you may still need to secure items if this is the case.

If you’re interested in buying a trailer for your home or business, make sure to read our further guides! We will always strive to inform you about what you need to know before buying any of our stock.