Here at Muscle Trailers, we are more than happy to design and build a trailer specific to your exact requirements. While we supply standard sizes and weights of trailers, we can also make adjustments on request.

  • If you are interested in purchasing any of our trailers or would like to arrange for a custom build or adjustment, call us right away on 0472999100.
  • We’re proud to be able to match prices offered by our competition. Been offered a lower price for a top quality trailer elsewhere? Are you looking for a better quality trailer at the same or better price? Call us right away – and we’ll see what we can do. Our factories in Melbourne and Sydney are ready to take on any requests you may have.

Upgrades to Standard Trailers” 

  • We’re able to upgrade the ATM on any of our single axle box trailers. The standard ATM is 750kg – however, we can almost double this up to 1400kg on request. We can also change axles to 45mm if required. We will be happy to upgrade hydraulic brakes, axles, override coupling, upgrade springs and hose fittings. Call us for a reliable upgrade quote.
  • We can also upgrade the weight of dual axle tandem trailers from 200kg ATM to 2800kg ATM. This will involve changing the axles and fitting heavier duty electric brakes and coupling, fitting and upgrading springs and lining up a breakaway brake system. For NSW customers, we can also fit brown slips – once again, call us for more information on upgrade pricing and fitting costs.
  • Need a spare wheel provided along with your trailer? Let us know, and we’ll add it to your quote.
  • We can upgrade the height of mesh cages from 600mm to 900mm.
  • We’ll also be able to upgrade you to electric brakes for both axles on request.

Call Us” 

Our upgrades and enhancements are available at low additional prices. As always, call our team today on 0472999100 if you’d like to know more about beefing up or altering our existing product line. Alternatively, we will always be happy to build a new trailer for you entirely from scratch.

Why settle for a trailer which could only do half the job for you? Call Muscle Trailers, and we’ll design and build your ideal unit for you as soon as we can.