Tandem Trailers
Whether it’s for business or personal use, you can never go wrong when you choose a tandem trailer. These are one of the most versatile types of trailers available, and often, when people talk about heavy-duty trailers, they are referring to tandem trailers.
Reliable Dual Axle Trailers For Sale
Because these trailers have dual axles, that means there are also two sets of wheels, which equals more carrying power when compared to single axle trailers. If you’re transporting heavy cargo over long distances, a dual axle trailer is the best option for the job. The double axle and extra wheels provide more stability and improved handling on the road, leading to better conditions in terms of safety and general wear and tear.

Tandem trailers can also be found in flatbed, box, stock, and table top variants, increasing the ways you can modify and use this versatile trailer type. Combine increased safety, heavy duty hauling power, and model versatility, and you have yourself the perfect trailer for your needs.
Muscle Trailers Tandem Trailers Features
Safety and reliability are our guarantees that these trailers will handle any job, big or small, and get the job done any time you need it! Not only do we build high-performance trailers, we also accept requests to customise a trailer to your specifications, so you can be sure that you’ll be getting the exact trailer to fit your unique needs.

Our range of trailers are available in 8×5, 9×5, 10×5, 10×6, 11×6, 12×6 configurations, and come with the following features:

Heavy duty
LED lights
Fully welded
Fully galvanised and sealed with primer
Compliance plate and VIN number
100% Australian made with locally supplied steel
12-month warranty

Dependable Trailers For Tough Jobs
We know that a tandem trailer can be a big investment, which is why here at Muscle Trailers, we’re invested in making sure you are getting a high quality product, at the right price.

Choose from our currently available range below or you may contact us if there are custom features you require from your trailer. Click here to reach us or call 0472999100. We will be happy to assist!