Stock Trailer

Our stock trailers are durable and are built to last long

No matter whether you are a horse trader who transports horses or a cattle farm owner, our stock trailers come handy. It proves effective when you need to transport your livestock from one place to another.

At Muscle Trailers, we understand that structural strength is very crucial while manufacturing a stock trailer. Therefore, with superior welds for strength, stability and rust-resistant construction along with newly redesigned thicker and tougher sidewalls, we promise you that our trailers will be second to none.

We make your stock trailers lighter and stronger

Due to the lightweight construction of our trailers, they offer a smooth tow and increased payload capacity. While using lightweight materials, we assure you that we don’t compromise on structural strength and quality of the products used in the manufacture.


Choosing us for trailers also gives you the advantage of customising your trailer. We provide you with the luxury of designing a stock trailer to your own personal needs and specifications. You can also discuss the type of cattle you want to transport so we can have a more clear idea of what you want.

With durability to transferrable warranty, Muscle Trailers has got you covered

Our Guarantee

We ensure that the trailers we build are designed under strict material use and design options that provide the safest functionality possible. All our trailers are constructed to meet the Australian Safety Standards and Design Regulations.

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