Heavy Duty Trailers

Heavy Duty Trailers

Frequent transportation of heavy equipment and cargo requires a high-performance, heavy-duty trailer. A trailer system that’s built for carrying at full capacity can be either a single or tandem axle design, with the tandem axle being the better option if you need a trailer with stronger suspension for heavier loads.

Muscle Trailers has a wide range of sizes and styles with single and dual axle configurations. You can choose from our selection of heavy-duty caged, flatbed, box, tabletop, and tradesman trailers and have them customised for your niche needs.

The Trailer for Extra Heavy Cargo

For transporting heavy cargo such as machinery and livestock, a heavy-duty trailer is the perfect trailer solution. While they can be pricier than light-duty systems, it is a worthwhile investment for homeowners or businesses that frequently transport and tow heavy cargo loads weighing up to 2,000 kg. Robust and reliable, this trailer system can withstand uneven roads and bumps, providing the support you need on the road.

Heavy Duty Trailers to Last for Years

Our heavy-duty trailers are built to last for many years, even with demanding use. They showcase the following features:

  • Patented tailgates
  • Reinforced chassis construction
  • Heavy duty checker plate floor, side walls and mudguards
  • Unique designs and engineering
  • Compliant with Australian Design Regulations
  • Compliant with Australian Safety Standards

The build quality of a heavy-duty system is always a better option when compared to the standard ones. When in doubt, choose the sensible choice— a heavy-duty trailer.

Durable & Well-Designed Transportation Solution

Muscle Trailers strives to manufacture high-quality and functional heavy-duty systems in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney for all your transportation needs, whether for everyday and commercial use. Bespoke trailers are also an option if our standard designs don’t meet your requirements.

If you’re thinking of building a heavy-duty trailer specific to your needs, we’ll be happy to discuss your custom trailer requirements with you. Contact us or call us at 0472999100 today.

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