Flatbed Trailers
A flatbed trailer is a multi-purpose trailer that can be used for a variety of jobs, but more often than not, it’s used for carrying oversized or heavy cargo. And since they’re often used for heavy loads, they’re typically found in a tandem or dual axle configuration for better stability and handling.
Why Choose a Flatbed Model?
With a flatbed model, you can haul just about anything, including many items that a regular trailer can’t accommodate due to their limited size or load bearing capacity. From smaller items like steel or building materials through to heavy machinery such as excavators, a flatbed trailer can handle the job.

When considering a flatbed trailer, good quality fastenings should always be factored in. This is because there are no sides to contain cargo, so you will need the right tie-down or fastening accessories. Depending on the type of load, you can use nylon or basket straps, V-straps, or a ratchet fastening system.
Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailers For Sale
We manufacture only the best quality trailers. We place the highest importance on creating trailers with structural strength, integrity of design, and superior on-road handling. We also accept requests for custom flatbed trailers; ensuring you will always get a trailer that will suit your needs.

Our flatbed trailers are available in 10×7, 12×7, 14×7, 14×8, and 16×8 configurations.
Muscle Trailers Flatbed Trailers Features:

Heavy duty
LED lights
Fully welded
Jockey wheel
Sealed with a primer and 2 layers of Hammertone top coat
Secondhand tyres
100% Australian made with locally supplied steel
12-month warranty

Flatbed Trailers You Can Always Rely On
We know that a flatbed trailer can be a major investment. Here at Muscle Trailers, we make sure you get the highest quality product, at some of the most affordable prices around.

Choose from our currently available flatbed trailers below or you may contact us if there are custom features you would like to add. Click here to reach us or call 0472999100 and our team will help you select the perfect trailer.