Custom Trailers
When standard trailer systems can’t fulfil your exact requirements for transporting cargo, consider custom trailers. At Muscle Trailers, our professionals can sit with you to discuss the trailer design you want so we can manufacture the exact system to service your business or personal needs.

We specialise in building unique, specialist trailers that look and function how they are requested. Whether you need a trailer for business, recreational, or personal use, we make the product that best suits your individual requirements.
Why Choose Our Custom Trailers?
Muscle Trailers aims to design a reliable, high-performance transportation solution that can truly make a difference in how you load and transport goods. With the latest design and manufacturing technology combined with our professional expertise, we deliver custom-built trailers in Melbourne that are second to none.

Your satisfaction is also our number one priority. After building your bespoke trailer, we will call you for an examination visit. This allows you to ensure that everything is constructed as per the requirements you provided our team.
Upgrade Options for Standard Trailers
Not only can we manufacture a specialist build from scratch, but we can also simply make adjustments to standard trailers if that’s what you need. Our upgrades to basic trailer systems include:

Hydraulic brakes
Override coupling
Upgrade springs
Hose fittings
ATM of single axle box trailers
Weight of dual axle tandem trailers (from 200kg ATM to 2800kg ATM)
Spare wheel addition
Mesh cage height (from 600mm to 900mm)
Electric brakes for both axles

Designing Custom Build Trailers to Suit Your Needs
Custom and specialist trailers are perfect for individuals and businesses with a specific transport need for the long-term. We understand that selecting and coming up with a design with features and functions that suits your niche requirements can be challenging, but our team will be more than happy to help you. Contact us or call 0472999100 today.