Car Carrier

Buy our car trailer to haul your precious car with ease

The wellbeing of a vehicle greatly depends on a strong and reliable car trailer. So choose a strong, top-quality trailer that won’t let you down. Our trailers come with a number of safety features and we add more if you want to custom design your trailer.

The features that our car carriers include are as follows:

  • Sleek paint finish
  • Alloy floor and trailer finish
  • Tilting trailers for low cars
  • Tire racks
  • Electric winch

Our car carriers don’t come with barriers but if you have a high-value collectible car, then we also custom design an enclosed car carrier for you. Otherwise, we can also manufacture a trailer with railings or with a beaver tail. Our galvanised trailers also feature a unique hinge design that makes it very easy to load or unload a wide range of vehicles.

We are recognised by our premium grade construction, innovative features and quality workmanship. For this reason, you can feel relaxed knowing that we don’t compromise on quality and we promise you that the trailer we provide will be of the best quality. Regardless of your needs, Muscle Trailers build every car trailer by complying the quality standards of the industry leaders.

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