Box Trailers

Muscle Trailers is offering fully functional and durable box trailers for sale

We are proud to provide our top of the line high-performance box trailers for sale. If you are looking for a useful tool for any household, then our box trailer is exactly the product that you are looking for. Whether you need to move some furniture or want to get rid of some rubbish or you need extra luggage space when your car is too small for a family vacation, our box trailers prove to be very beneficial.

When you are looking to buy box trailers in Melbourne, you should consult with our professionals so we can figure out the variety of jobs you may want to use it for. We also enquire about the maximum weight you’ll be carrying around on our box trailer.

After gaining all the necessary information from you, we design your desired box trailer with top-notch features. Our factory-built box trailers come in a variety of styles and sizes so you can choose by keeping your use in mind.

Our box trailers in Sydney are better built and packed with outstanding features which include the following:

  • Low maintenance galvanised steel construction
  • New wheels and tires
  • Checker plate floor
  • A range of sizes including 8×5, 9×5, 10×5, 11×6, 12×6

These trailers in Sydney are ideal for moving light furniture and transporting camping goods.

If you have any further queries or want to buy one of our products, please Call us at 0472999100.