Your Guide to Custom and Specialist Trailers

When you first look into buying a trailer – for home or business – it’s tempting to go with a default option.  After all, why not?  Some of the best trailers on the market right now are built with specific purposes in mind.  However, many people are choosing to customize the trailers they buy, and for plenty of good reasons.

Customizing a trailer should never be a hassle.  In fact, most leading trailer suppliers in Australia should at least give you the option to tweak things.  We understand that no two trailer needs are the same.  What’s more, it’s safe to say that no two vehicles towing these trailers are likely to be identical, either.

Therefore, when buying your first trailer, you should think about being flexible.  What do you actually need a trailer for?  How long are you likely to make use of it?  What kind of budget do you have put aside?

Some people worry that custom and specialist trailers are unlikely to be cost-effective in the long run.  That really isn’t the case!  In this guide, we will take a look at everything you need to know about custom and niche trailers before you make a firm purchase.  Unsure what you need?  Don’t worry – we’re here to help.

Customizing a Trailer

Customizing a trailer sounds like a hassle.  However, all it means is that you’re requesting specific facilities from your trailer or asking that it be adjusted in a particular way.  In some cases, you can take a basic flatbed or cage trailer and ask for a few tweaks.

For example, you might prefer a standard flatbed or tabletop trailer to come with a dual axle.  A tandem or dual axle is going to give you more strength on the road, and it’s also going to mean you get more balance.

What’s more, you might benefit from a cage trailer, but you may prefer it built a specific way.  You might want a cage that’s a particular width to transport animals around in.  Or, you may simply need a box trailer with a custom lid built on top.

As you can see, there are more than a few ways for you to change the look and shape of a trailer completely.  It all depends on what you’re going to use it for in the long run.  You should always be willing to ask more about custom and specialist trailers with a local supplier because if you buy a standard trailer without customizing, you could run the risk of being disappointed.

Do You Need Customisation?

Let’s consider whether or not you actually need custom and specialist trailers.  A little further down, we’ll look at a few good reasons why customization is a great idea but for now, let’s focus on your overall needs.

Customization may cost you more money than buying a basic trailer outright.  However, you need to weigh the costs with your overall needs.  If it’s likely that you are going to spend more upgrading a trailer in the long run, then it’s likely you need to customize early.  Are you likely to lose out on business, for example, if you compromise with a standard model?  Again, think about long-term costs and budgeting.

If you are only going to use a trailer occasionally, or for very small jobs, then customization may not be the best option for you.  However, think about future growth.  Is your trailer for business purposes?  Is it going to be easy for you to adapt in the long run?  If not, then you’re probably better off working out a customization plan with a trailer supplier.

Custom and specialist trailers are great if you have a sudden, specific need.  The same applies to very specific trailers.  For example, take car carriers.  A car carrying trailer is obviously perfect for hauling large vehicles around.  You can also purchase options that are built for live animals.

These box trailers, for example, will be safe to enclose your livestock within, but will still give them plenty of light and fresh air. An excellent example of a typical animal trailer, used worldwide, is a horsebox.

If your need isn’t niche or specific, then you can likely rest easy investing in a standard, catch-all trailer, and there are plenty of different options to choose from!

Why It’s Worth Customising

Let’s consider a few specific reasons why you might need custom and specialist trailers.  For one, you might need a good deal of suspension for heavy goods and cargo.  As mentioned above, a tandem axle is likely going to be a big help.

You might also need a raised platform, depending on the cargo you need to carry.  Trailer specialists can build and provide flatbeds and other types of trailers at custom heights.  The same, of course, will apply to length and width.

You should also think about ease of access.  One of the best reasons to buy a car carrier, for example, is for access to a ramp.  You can customize trailers to have long, wide ramping, or even multiple ramp access.  Again, this could be beneficial to you if you need to lead animals down onto the road.

You should also think about finishing and cosmetic touches.  If you’re using a trailer for business, you may want it to look a specific way to fit your brand image and design.  You should always look for a good trailer that is galvanized, of course but do also think about the durability of the material involved, too.  Trailers can arrive in custom thicknesses and styles.

Think about how precious or spoilable your cargo is going to be.  If you’re likely to have fragile or perishable goods, you’ll need custom walls and roofing.  Therefore, it always pays to ask for these specifics to customize to your needs.

Is Customising Expensive?

Many people believe that custom trailers are much more expensive than standard choices.  The fact is, of course, that adding custom material or changing the look of a basic trailer is going to cost you more money.  However, that doesn’t mean it’s more expensive in the long run.  In fact, if you don’t customize, you are going to have to compromise.

Think about how much more money you could spend if your trailer isn’t sturdy enough for your cargo.  That could result in you needing to make more trips backward and forwards.  Not only that, but it could mean that you need to buy a new trailer outright.  What if you misjudge which trailer you actually need?  Wouldn’t it be best to save money and set the dimensions yourself?

Customizing a trailer does mean you need to set a flexible budget.  It makes sense to work with a supplier who is upfront about additions.  Extra parts and customizable features, for example, added sides, roofing, or material in construction, will add more to the cost. 

However, if you ask anyone who has customized a trailer before, they will likely tell you it is worth doing.  Customization is something that will appeal to businesses that know they will grow.  Setting up a custom trailer is planning ahead, crucially.  If you buy a standard trailer that you could outgrow, that will mean more money and more hassle for you further down the line.

How to Customise a Trailer

Don’t worry; you’ll never have to customize a trailer yourself.  In fact, we advise against it.  When there are willing experts ready and raring to support you, it makes sense to have a plan of action in mind.  You should look through the basic or standard options available and consider your needs.  That’s in the long run, not in the short term.

Leading trailer suppliers will list upfront costs on their websites.  This way, you can easily budget for a basic trailer, and for additional features along the way.  You should feel confident that you can call for a free quote without any kind of obligation.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to see a trailer in person.  Before you customize a trailer unit, try to view it in the flesh.  This will help you to get a better gauge on whether customizing is necessary.

Don’t feel bad about reaching out to an expert, either, if you need help.  Trailer experts can, and will, make sure to advise you on customization which is likely to support you in the long run.

Need More Advice?

Custom and specialist trailers offer endless trailer flexibility.  The best suppliers will work hard to build you an exact system to support you across years of use.  While standard trailers work great to an extent, there will be some circumstances where you need to think outside of the box.

If you’d like to know more about buying a trailer, please read our further guides.  We want to give you the complete lowdown on what to expect before you lay any money down!