Buying a Trailer: Frequently Asked Questions


If it’s your first time buying a trailer for your vehicle and you have questions, we’re here to help!  There are plenty of different types and models of trailers out there, but finding your perfect fit doesn’t have to be complicated.

In this guide, we will look at a few frequently asked questions people pose when buying trailers.  If you can’t find your question or query in the following list, you can always call or email our team for further support and guidance!

Why Should I Buy a Trailer?

Buying a trailer could help to make your life and work that little bit easier.  Trailers fix carefully onto the back of cars and vans to help carry and transport heavy or mass loads of cargo from place to place.  A trailer can help to preserve your suspension, and it is often a very cost-effective option when compared with courier or postage services. It’s also a better option if you don’t want to purchase or rent a van or vehicle just to move items around.

Why Buy, Not Rent, a Trailer?

You may find that there are companies across Australia that let you rent trailers.  However, when you buy a trailer, it is yours for life!  It’s always worthwhile buying a trailer if you are going to transport heavy goods and items for your business regularly.

Renting can work out more expensive for you in the long run.  Instead of having to keep renting trailer after trailer, why not invest in your own fitting?

What Makes a Good Quality Trailer?

A great quality trailer is one that is robust, strong, and has been thoroughly road-tested with various loads. 

When buying a trailer, you should make sure that you purchase one which has a firm, quality weld and ideally, benefits from galvanization.  A good quality trailer is also one which arrives with plenty of expert support, from fitting to unlinking and much more.

Can I See a Trailer Up Close Before I Buy?

Yes!  In fact, our experts recommend it.  One of the best ways to be able to tell if a trailer is of top quality, and that it is right for you is to arrange with an expert to look carefully at a trailer close-up. 

Clear photos are always a must to look through before buying a trailer; however, you should always make a point of inspecting a trailer before you put any money down.

What is Galvanisation, and Why Does It Matter?

Galvanisation is the treatment of metal in trailers which would otherwise be subject to rusting.  As all trailers are likely to be used in a variety of weather conditions, you should ensure that your trailer is at least waterproof.

Some trailers sold in Australia go ungalvanized.  However, it is never worth taking the risk!  Make sure to ask your trailer trader for galvanized systems.

Which Type of Trailer Should I Buy?

Everyone’s needs are going to be slightly different.  For example, if you are likely to need to transport bulky items around, but require plenty of security, a cage or box trailer may be beneficial to you.

However, in many cases, simpler flatbed or tabletop trailers will likely offer plenty of support.  These trailers can be ideal if you need as much flat space as possible.  Of course, it is always possible to customize your trailer with the right trailer provider, depending on what you are looking for, and which items you need to transport.

Why Are Tandem Trailers Popular?

Tandem trailers are trailer systems that benefit from using two axles to support loads.  The more axles your trailer has, the more resilient it will be in carrying heavy items and cargo around.  Therefore, if you know you are likely to carry heavy weight around regularly, it may be worth considering a tandem trailer option.

These types of trailers are a popular choice because of the heavy lifting they can do for you, along with the added security of knowing your load is secure.

What Should I Look For When Maintaining My Trailer?

All trailers are a little different, meaning that there may be different factors and facilities you need to check and maintain.  On the whole, you should carefully check the suspension of your trailer regularly.  Make sure to oil its main joints, and to check the security between your vehicle and the trailer connection.

You should also take good care to check wheels and wheel nuts regularly because these can work loose over time.  Therefore, take good care to tighten them up wherever possible.  You should, of course, always check your lights, as well as any security fixings you have in place.

While you should buy a trailer in full galvanization, always check carefully for rust.  Otherwise, you could find that you end up having to pay out for spot treatment.  Rust could lead to the breakdown of your trailer in the long run, so do take special care.

What Can I Customise in a Trailer?

There are many things you may wish to customize in a trailer.  For example, you may need a trailer of a specific size or length.  You may need walls or a box to secure your cargo.  You may also want to opt for a tandem system with a dual axle.

Ultimately, trailers should be flexible for your needs.  You should never have to be flexible the other way around!  While plenty of default trailers and systems will appeal to many people, a custom trailer will ensure it fits your precise demands for years to come.

Who Uses Trailers in Australia?

There are thousands of people across Australia who make use of trailers each day.  For example, a business owner who needs to transport heavy-duty items and bulky cargo will benefit from constant support.

You may need to transport livestock, logs from cutting, heavy machinery parts, and even waste and refuse.  Specialist trailers will also allow you to carry and transport vehicles, and you may even want to use a trailer if you want to tow a skip or waste bin.

How Much Do Trailers Cost to Buy?

That’s a question that will vary from case to case!  The price you pay for a trailer will depend on the size, strength, and features your ideal system benefits from.  The best way to set up a bespoke package that you can make the most out of is to look into customization.  This way, you can keep a close eye on how much your trailer is likely to cost.

All good trailer traders and specialists will be open and transparent about pricing.  You should be able to view costs and fees through a company’s website before arranging any kind of viewing or signing any agreements.

Will ‘X’ Trailer Fit ‘X’ Car?

The vast majority of modern trailers will have connections and fittings to allow you to hook up to a major car line and manufacturer.  However, it is always a good idea to check this with your trailer provider.

You may find that older model vehicles are harder to fit to modern trailers.  However, this isn’t always the case!  It’s worth enquiring in the first instance.

Will My Trailer Come with a Full Warranty?

All leading trailer providers in Australia should offer full warranties on the products they supply.  In most cases, you will find that your trailer arrives with a 12-month warranty.

That should give you enough time to get accustomed to your trailer.  It also means that you have extra peace of mind should you find anything to be less than satisfactory during your first year.  If you have any concerns, it is always worth speaking to a trailer dealer in the first instance.

You should also consider asking your relevant insurance carrier for additional coverage on your trailer.

Can I Have a Trailer Delivered?

That depends on the firm, but most leading trailer suppliers should be willing to deliver within a specific radius.  It may not always be possible for you to pick up your ideal trailer on-site. 

Therefore, do make sure to enquire about delivery options before you buy.  It will also be worth you considering reading full trailer descriptions online, as these will largely tell you what you can expect from pickup and delivery.

Buying a Trailer Online

Buying the perfect trailer online is easier than ever before.  Simply look for a trailer build and connection likely to suit your vehicle and needs, and make sure to contact your provider as soon as you can for more advice and support.

Muscle Trailers is a long-established trailer provider that Australian motorists and buyers can rely on.  Make sure to take a close look at our range of available trailers and custom options online and do ensure you read our resources on trailer purchasing for more answers to your queries.  Alternatively, please always feel free to call our team!