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We are among the most prominent manufacturers and sellers of trailers in NSW,VIC and sA

Muscle Trailers strives to manufacture high-quality, functional, well designed and heavy duty trailers. We showcase an entire range of heavy duty box tMuscle Trailers is your answer to buying a very economical high-quality trailer in any size or style. We pride ourselves on manufacturing durable, heavy duty and practically designed trailers in NSW,VIC and SA for our esteemed clients.

We sell a huge variety of trailers so we can have something for everyone. No matter what your required use for the trailer is, we provide the perfect solution for you. Our list of trailers for sale in Melbourne includes the following trailers:

  • Box trailers
  • Tradesman trailers
  • Stock trailers
  • Tandem trailers
  • Galvanised trailers
  • Custom built trailers
  • Car carriers
  • Tipper trailers
  • Cage trailers
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Mower trailers

We understand that in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, trailers are high in need and many people require custom built trailers. Therefore, our professionals will be delighted to listen to your requirements so to do the best to accommodate the customised trailer solutions.

Our Aim and Promise

At Muscle Trailers, we have earned a reputation for never compromising on welding quality and structural integrity of our trailers. We are renowned for our hands-on approach and exceptional customer service. We assure you that all our trailers are made from high-quality materials to ensure a long lasting manufacturing guarantee. Our keen attention to detail makes sure that the durability of a trailer will last long after its construction.

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For further information or to get the price of a trailer, please Contact us at 0472999100.

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